Massages reactivate the energy flow of the body enhancing self-healing. They activate the circuit venous and lymphatic. In addition, by using the stretches and pressures typical of these massage, the muscles relax and improve joint movements and muscle problems. At the end of the day you will probably go back home with tiredness, exhaustion, and if the job involves physical work, you may be present in addition to muscle pain. For this, nothing like visiting and giving a good relaxing massage at the feet.

Why are massages so benefitial?

If you’ve never experienced this feeling, you should start and try it out, either by the help of a family member or a close person or of yourself. If this ritual becomes a daily habit, the make a nice massage to the feet will offer a host of benefits that are very important for health. If you prefer, you can also use a site in which they are specialists who perform the work and will give your feet the proper treatment they deserve. The point of this is that your feet are not left without this valuable attention, after that you have understood all the benefits that this wonderful practice can bring to the health.

The feet are mainly the foundation of our body, are characterized by their great resistance to receive on them the whole weight of our body but at the same time are full of delicacy and sensitivity and have on their inner side a huge amount of nerve terminals, for this reason, do a foot massage can provide a deep and satisfying sense of well-being and relaxation. Massages the feet, stimulating directly from glands that are involved in the production of hormones such as serotonin, this hormone can produce a great relief and a calming effect to the body.

Take care of your feet

The massage of the feet is characterized by an experience extremely relaxing. In the same way, it favors the lymphatic drainage and allows the muscles to tonifiquen, something essential so that the immune system is strengthened constantly.

This ancient practice, dating back to ancient times, and although there are many different ways of doing this, in essence, consist of rubbing the feet in a circular motion while exerting some pressure with the fingertip. Can also be covered throughout the entire foot by placing each hand on each lateral side of the foot and make pressure with both thumbs. It can be used as a good option, different types of gel or lotion to ease the friction and facilitate the movement of the hands in the area to be treated. It should also be noted that the massage should extend to every one of the fingers of the feet including the route through the spaces between them so that the massage is complete.