For people who are wondering why the ASO is, it can be said that it is broadly speaking SEO for mobile applications, which means that it is a series of techniques to make applications increasingly visible on the most popular download sites. It should be noted that mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular and therefore competition is becoming increasingly complex and gigantic, which is why it is necessary to learn to stand out.

What is the ASO?

The positioning of mobile applications also known as ASO is the answer that all companies or independent projects are looking for in terms of the most intelligent and relevant way to be able to highlight in the main download sites of this type of content. It is a set of techniques that are applied in the marketplaces such as the App Store or Google Play, so that at the time of a search, users can find an application in the top places instead of others.

How to use ASO today?

There are certain similar features that both Google Play and the App Store share in terms of positioning mobile applications among their search results, which are:

  • App Title – Unless the app is already widely recognized, it is key that the app title is as suggestive as possible, so that the user can get a quick idea of what you are going to find with this platform. It’s important to be direct and get to the point.

  • Developer – The most recognized and longest-running authors or developers on the platform will always have advantages.

  • Category – You must know how to choose it and not confuse users.

  • Screenshots – These are the first glimpse that users will be able to have of the application, so this is largely a first impression, which in case of not convincing the user, will end up meaning that a potential download is missed.

  • Description – This is a very important aspect for the application to be able to position itself among the results. You have to think a lot about the user and not just focus on the keywords.

  • Keywords – The study of keywords must be exhaustive and learn to select the keywords so that they really fit the project.

  • Number of downloads – As the number rises, positions will be upgraded. The same is true for the uninstallations, of course in the opposite direction.

  • Ratings and comments – They measure the user experience, so fear is a variable to consider.